ContractManager: Intro – Here and there

This an introduction to series of blogs which I will cover few topics related to Xamarin Forms application development. Even though these topics unrelated to each other, I will use these to create one single application which utilize each technology to certain extent.

Topics which I plan to discuss are

  • MVVM for Xamarin Forms
  • MVVM based navigation Xamarin Forms
  • Utilize Azure B2C for Xamarin Forms
  • Utilize Azure AAD for Xamarin Forms
  • Local databases with SQLite
  • Custom rendering

I will add navigation to each topic as it completes, hope this will be an exiting journey.

Nikolaos Kantzelis ASP.Net Blog – Returning IQueryable from Repository Pattern

Clean code architecture dictates that we should program against clean interfaces and the various layers that exist in our application should communicate with each other trough interfaces so there is separation of concerns and the one layer is decoupled from the other. In other words we need to have low coupling between the layers.

Source: Nikolaos Kantzelis ASP.Net Blog – Returning IQueryable from Repository Pattern

Jeff Putz – Repositories gone wild

One of the very beneficial side effects of the rise of MVC in the ASP.NET world is that people started to think a lot more about separating concerns. By association, it brought along more awareness around unit testing, and that was good too. This was also the time that ORM’s started to become a little more popular. The .Net world was getting more sophisticated at various levels of skill. That was a good thing.

via Jeff Putz – Repositories gone wild.