Top cloud myths of 2016 | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Over the last few years, “cloud” has been one of the most used words in tech, and 2016 is no exception – for good reason. Nearly three-fourths (70 percent) of IT professionals report their organizations use public cloud solutions, and nine in 10 (92 percent) say their companies have services that should be running in the public cloud, but aren’t currently. As organizations embrace the cloud globally, we’ve seen digital transformation of entire industries powered by the cloud – from automotive builders creating connected cars to new retail customers leveraging cloud-based data and advanced analytics to personally tailor customer experiences.

Source: Top cloud myths of 2016 | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Dixin’s Blog – LINQ via C#

This tutorial discusses cross-platform functional programming and LINQ programming via the latest C# 7.0 language, from real world development to underlying theories. It covers both .NET Framework (for Windows) and .NET Core (for Linux, Mac, and Windows). C# is an open source, cross-platform language from Microsoft, and LINQ is the built-in functional data query capabilities of the language, working with API sets provided by .NET libraries. This entire tutorial is based on the latest language and frameworks. It covers C#’s functional features and functional programming aspects, and the detailed usage and internal mechanisms of mainstream LINQ technologies for different data domains, including LINQ to Objects, Parallel LINQ, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to Entities. It also demystifies the underlying quintessential theories of functional programming and LINQ, including Lambda Calculus and Category Theory.

Source: Dixin’s Blog – LINQ via C#

Announcing custom domain HTTPS support with Azure CDN | Blog | Microsoft Azure

We are very excited to let you know that this feature is now available with Azure CDN from Verizon. The end-to-end workflow to enable HTTPS for your custom domain is simplified via one-click enablement, complete certificate management, and all with no additional cost.

Source: Announcing custom domain HTTPS support with Azure CDN | Blog | Microsoft Azure

7 Features of C# 7.0 Worth Knowing | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base

As you are aware of C# 7.0 and Visual Studio 2017 have been released. In this article I quickly take you through seven new features of the language that are worth knowing. I assume that you are familiar with C# 6.0 and hence I am not going into too much technical details of these features here. My aim is to quickly let you know of a few interesting features that can make your C# code more efficient and clear. Let’s get going.

Source: 7 Features of C# 7.0 Worth Knowing | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base

ContractManager: Intro – Here and there

This an introduction to series of blogs which I will cover few topics related to Xamarin Forms application development. Even though these topics unrelated to each other, I will use these to create one single application which utilize each technology to certain extent.

Topics which I plan to discuss are

  • MVVM for Xamarin Forms
  • MVVM based navigation Xamarin Forms
  • Utilize Azure B2C for Xamarin Forms
  • Utilize Azure AAD for Xamarin Forms
  • Local databases with SQLite
  • Custom rendering

I will add navigation to each topic as it completes, hope this will be an exiting journey.