Adding bookmarks to Azure Subscriptions

For sometime, we had 2 Azure portals, called classic portal and new portal. Time to time you may be a administrator who manages multiple subscriptions. In that case, you may be tired with navigating one subscription to other because, by default in both portals, when you log-in using your credentials, it navigates to default subscription, in most cases, it’s the first subscription you mapped to your account.

In both portals, it creates it’s own Microsoft account to manage subscription information in the system ( Updated: Now you can map it to account in your own Azure AD or AD of your organization, so you can login from organization account to manage your organizations Azure subscription ).

Classic Portal

For classic portal, it’s easy to add bookmark to your subscription because when you change your subscription in the portal, you can clearly see the URL change for it. You will probably see something like this in the URL,

where {your-account-name} is usually your email address without @ and top level domain. It will look something like samwoutlook ( or samwgmail ( Anyways it does not matter how it comes because if you remove unwated parts from URL and add it as bookmark, it’ll work without any issue.

New Portal

For new portal, as you may already noticed, you can’t add URL you see as bookmark because it’s not mapped to your subscription. You have to make sure that you are logged in from the credentials which mapped subscription to make sure that you see the correct subscription on load. But let’s say you are administer of multiple subscriptions, which doesn’t mapped to your credentials, in that case, you may have hard time logging into the correct subscription because it always goes to default subscription and then you have to navigate back from the portal itself to change the subscription.

Even-though you don’t see bookmarkable URL when you logged in, you can create bookmark which make it automatically logs into correct subscription.

{your-subscription-name} can be found when you click on your account icon in top right, there you can see list of subscriptions you have. There you can find the subscription name which you can used to add to your url. It won’t necessary be derived from email address , it can be organization name as well.

Happy bookmarking people! 😉